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In 1 Cor. 15:3-6, Paul recounts his gospel.  Those who would participate in evangelizing the world, do well to consider this passage.  First, notice the brevity of Paul’s statement.  In just 25 words, Paul relates the crucial elements of the

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Except for these Chains

There is only one religion given by God and Christianity is not it.  Give a listen and see what I mean. Except for these Chains

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Resolution in Conflict

Conflict need never hinder the progress of the gospel.  This message unpacks the way the early church dealt with three types of conflict in three different ways all with the same result. Resolution in Conflict

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Free Dumb

Everyone offers it.  Few understand it.  Many think they have it but know they do not.  They talk of freedom but they are “free dumb.” Simply put, freedom is doing what you most want to do.  Everything else is a degree of

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