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Free Dumb

Everyone offers it.  Few understand it.  Many think they have it but know they do not.  They talk of freedom but they are “free dumb.” Simply put, freedom is doing what you most want to do.  Everything else is a degree of

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Empty Legacy

No person should be allowed the luxury of holding a belief while ignoring its implications.  Why?  Because the implications of today’s prevalent beliefs shape the ethos of the next generation.  For instance, suppose I had been born into a culture

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Providence and the Art of Camel Care

Here is my talk from Sunday.  Listen if only because it has a cool name.  It answers a lot of questions people ask about God and it may even be biblical!  Providence and the Art of Camel Care

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The One Thing

Ask my children, they will tell you that I can tend to get frustrated and freaked out.  I’ve been known to throw a fit or two (or many, many more) when things don’t work out as I had envisioned.  When

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