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New Growth Cycle Graphic

I wrote this on another site. I believe it to be a halfway decent articulation of holistic discipleship. Source: New Growth Cycle Graphic Advertisements

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Wee Little Man

We’re told that Donald Trump is a “baby Christian” and that we should not judge him. A person needn’t have a particular understanding of “Christianese” nor must they attain some sort of religious performance before I’ll acknowledge them as a

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Love Hurts

Source: Love Hurts

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The Serpent and Latter Day Saints

I’ve been having a discussion on my previous post with Eugene/Jordan who has been attempting to convert me, and I would suppose also other readers of this blog, to Mormonism. I don’t blame him in the least as I think

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My Mistake

Mormonism and Islam share a common narrative. It goes like this: God has spoken through his chosen prophets through the ages in order to inform humanity about how they should serve him and so gain his favor and a place

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Signs and New Wine

Does it matter what words or names we use to describe things? I would contend that it does. Word meaning is a function of the way society uses them. While we might continue to want to use a word or

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Cold World; Warm Hearts

Okay, I’ll admit it – I think the world is running out of time. No, I don’t buy into any specific end times predictions but I do think the global situation trending toward a cataclysm of some kind in the

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