The Redemptive Tension of Sharing Life

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Our mission is sharing life.  We use that phrase without qualification because we want to maintain the tension resident within it.  We share our lives and we share his life.  Both must happen simultaneously with equal emphasis.  Without a commitment to share our lives (that is, to blow our personal agendas and preferences to live as one) we have no credible witness of the gospel before the watching world.  Jesus said that everyone would know we are his disciples by our love.  1 John 3:16 says that this love lays down its life for the other.  If I’m in a crisis while my sister is also suffering, whose problems should be my first concern?  How could we tell the world of a savior who died on a cross and reject the cross to be borne for the sake of his people?

This line of questioning presumes buy…

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Finding the way, telling the truth, living the life.

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