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What Works

One of the elders of our church used to work for Social Security.  The other day he told me about how Social Security absorbed the administration of state-run disability benefits.  To streamline the process, they sought to automate the system through the use of computers.  An

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How can we live in joyful anticipation but not get all fanatical?  Click this link for my most recent talk on end times: Next

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Look To The East

“In the Land of Mao”

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Life Transformation Groups – A Testimonial

I have a friend who is also an elder at our church.  In the past couple of years I’ve watched him grow into a spiritual leader who inspires and challenges me every time we talk.  God has done many things

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Boots On the Ground, Part 1

Jesus prayed.  He got up early to do it.  He stayed up all night in it.  His first disciples followed his example devoting days on end to prayer.  Every saint throughout history who has ever done anything worth remembering has

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Becoming One

Marriage seems so basic to human life and yet it can be so difficult and confusing.  Why is that?  How can we make it work?  Click the picture to hear my latest lesson on reclaiming God’s original intention for marriage.

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5 POP’s

Jesus not only commanded his disciples to make disciples, in Matthew 10 and Luke 10 he also gave them his method for doing so. Neil Cole relates Jesus’ method as the 5 POP’s in his book, Organic Church.  I’ve found

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