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Except for these Chains

There is only one religion given by God and Christianity is not it.  Give a listen and see what I mean. Except for these Chains Advertisements

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In Bill Hybels’ book, Just Walk Across the Room, he challenges his readers to write out their faith story in 100 words or less.  Here is my 105-word attempt: As a young person I dreamed of growing up to become

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Faith and the Art of Motorcycle Maneuvering

I’m a new motorcycle rider.  As I’ve been learning to operate my new vehicle, I’m finding that it’s much like faith.  To ride a motorcycle, a person has to trust an invisible principle to keep him up.  He doesn’t have

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The Bottom Line

Two years into my stint as a children’s minister for a medium-large church, I found myself in our prayer room crying out to God for answers and relief. My question to him: “Why is this so heavy?” His answer: “It’s consumerism.”

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Word of the Cross

Check out this simple discipleship tool to help people live consistently with the basic message of the gospel.

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Organic Church Planter Training

The gospel is a seed which takes root in the hearts of individuals and bears fruit through redeemed relationships.  Having borne fruit it, must then spread into the soil of other hearts and so The Growth Wheel continues to turn.  In this

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When You’re Right

So I’ve coined a new saying, “When you’re right, you’re Nathan.”  Just kidding.  But how do we hold to truth without coming off as arrogant or judgmental?  Acts 17-18 holds an important message for Christ followers in this regard. When You’re Right

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