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Resolution in Conflict

Conflict need never hinder the progress of the gospel.  This message unpacks the way the early church dealt with three types of conflict in three different ways all with the same result. Resolution in Conflict Advertisements

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I Hope You’re Satisfied

When the Son of God came to earth, the people who encountered him struggled to know how to relate to him.  This was because they didn’t know how to relate to each other.  From the time humans rebelled against God,

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The Kings of Earth, but…

In this election year, how should Christians react to the government?  What involvement should we have?  Acts 12 has some answers. The Kings of Earth, but…

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Originally posted on Public Catholic:
Your Vote = Their Power  Politics is about power. The two political parties are not political parties as we once knew them. They are consortiums of special interests. They operate on behalf of these interests…

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Growing Young

I’m coming to believe that human thought goes through three phases on individual and societal levels.  Humans begin in intellectual childhood.  They believe the things they’ve been told.  They are limited by rules and driven by fear.  Some societies and

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