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Empty Legacy

No person should be allowed the luxury of holding a belief while ignoring its implications.  Why?  Because the implications of today’s prevalent beliefs shape the ethos of the next generation.  For instance, suppose I had been born into a culture

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Excuse My Insult

“I’m only human.”  That’s what people say to excuse repeated bad behavior.  Can Christians use this excuse?  They shouldn’t.  Paul used a very similar phrase to rebuke the Corinthian church over divisions among them.  Here’s the section. You are still

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My Two Masters Part Two

Daniel LaRusso’s first three days of “karate training” are filled with menial chores around Miyagi’s oasis in the junkyard.  Each chore must be carried out according specific instructions, “Wax on, right hand; wax off, left hand.  Make big da circles. 

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Providence and the Art of Camel Care

Here is my talk from Sunday.  Listen if only because it has a cool name.  It answers a lot of questions people ask about God and it may even be biblical!  Providence and the Art of Camel Care

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Don’t just stand there! Stand up! {Guest Post}

A more prosaic post by my post-Christian friend, Zane Gilley. Years ago, while I was still Christian, I had this great idea for a song about the three young men in the fiery furnace.  I don’t recall any of the

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Fish Eyes

Mike the mallard bobbed on the surface of the pond, the early November wind whipping through his feathers.  Driven by an empty gizzard, Mike plunged toward the silted bottom.  Halfway down he encountered a rather large bass which caused him

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Good ‘Bye!

Church leaders can spend a lot of time attempting to keep people from leaving their congregations. We actually talk about ways to “close the back door” to our churches. It occurred to me in the car today, though, that for

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