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Richard scowled at the framed poster displayed on an easel at the entrance to the gift store.  “What a sham!” he nearly shouted. Startled by Richard’s outburst, a passerby named Peter asked, “What is?” “This poster, it’s an utter sham!”

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Psalm 1 {Guest Post}

A new friend, Zane Gilley, who now ironically is an atheist has sent me a couple of poetic adaptations of the Psalms which it is my pleasure to post here at the savant spot.  Enjoy! Psalm I Blessed be the man

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You Can Keep It

In the wake of various rallies which have taken place over the weekend regarding religion and the free exercise thereof, a question springs to my mind: “Who Would Jesus Protest?” Before you throw that question out as irrelevant, remember that

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Religious Unbelief

The Bible warns against unbelief but not against atheism per se.  How could the writers of the Scriptures have warned against atheism?  There weren’t any atheists.  I’ve heard commentators on a local Christian radio station aim Psalm 14:1 (“The fool

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Poker Face

“Something’s wrong with me?”, Jamie, my wife, said over the phone.  “I can’t straighten my legs.  What am I going to do?” What was she going to do?  What was I going to do?  I was out on my route. 

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Less Debating; More Discipling

Originally posted on Thinking & Driving:
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  John 8:7 Like many of the Evangelical Political issues that have overtaken the presidential elections this year, the debate over contraception coverage in the…

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Indigenous Believers Speak Out Against C5/Insider Movements

Originally posted on The other side of the story:
Western missionaries are removing “Son of God” from Bible translations produced for Insider Movements. Hear Asians talk about the impact, in their own words.

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