The accused Kansas killer’s neo-pagan religion


“It’s hard to get a violent god out of Jesus.”

Originally posted on CNN Belief Blog:

By  Daniel Burke , CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

(CNN) – Frazier Glenn Cross is a white supremacist, an avowed anti-Semite and an accused killer. But he is not, as many think, a Christian.

Cross, who also goes by the name Glenn Miller, is accused of killing three people – all Christians — on Sunday at Jewish institutions in Overland Park, Kansas.

Authorities are weighing whether to file hate-crime charges against Cross, who is suspected of targeting Jews.

The 73-year-old has espoused anti-Semitism for decades. He also founded racist groups like a branch of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Patriot Party, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Both groups have deep ties to Christian white supremacists.

But according to Cross’ 1999 biography, he is an adherent of Odinism, a neo-pagan religion that experts say has emerged as one the most vicious strains in the white supremacist movement.

“The faith’s obsession with genetic…

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Seed to Sow

Originally posted on Life Teams Support:

12413520_ml Harvest need #3 of 5, “Seed to Sow,” has no counterpart in the 5 PoP’s because it’s assumed that if a person wants to plant churches they probably know how to share the gospel.  Unfortunately, that’s not been my personal experience.  I’m not afraid to talk about Jesus or what he’s done in my life but those conversations seem to always end in the hearer saying, “Interesting…but I’m not interested.”

While evangelism should be natural for a disciple, churchified people like me have often lost the ability to get to the heart of the matter with unbelievers. In a western context especially, would be church planters must gain some basic tools and abilities to effectively present the gospel.  Within the Life Teams app we’ve included some proven evangelistic Bible studies and presentations to help plant the seed of the gospel within your field.  For those who might be brand new…

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A Field to Plant

Originally posted on Life Teams Support:

DSC_0225 Years of life and ministry in a traditional church context had atrophied me into a missional paraplegic.  Strapped to my institutional chair, I looked out into a wider world longing to engage with it yet finding no means to do so.  When I read about the “Pockets of People” concept in Neil Cole’s  Organic Church , it felt as if someone had said, “Rise and walk.”  I finally had some place to put my foot down and get traction toward the enterprise of making disciples.

Neil defines “Pockets of People” as, “Any network of relationships where a believer has or can gain influence.” The concept is also known to missiologists as the oikos or “household.”  These are webs of relationships and along their strands the gospel was always meant to travel. To maintain the organic metaphor and facilitate the translation of these materials into other cultures and languages, we’ve deemed…

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Blessings from Above


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Originally posted on Life Teams Support:

In 1 Cor. 2:4-5 Paul recounts to the Corinthians how he went about his missionary enterprise.

“My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.”

When going out to make disciples our temptation might be to consider how we can make a convincing case for the truth of the gospel.  While it’s important that we express the message with the clarity and passion of which its worthy, the results come from the action of God’s Spirit on the heart.  God’s wisdom expressed in the gospel is paradoxical and enigmatic.  We diminish it by deconstructing it enough for the human intellect to grasp.  When the Spirit enables a person to take hold of the mystery of the gospel that wisdom remains intact. The result is a…

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The 5 Harvest Needs

Originally posted on Life Teams Support:

As a person with an apostolic bent, I traffic in strategies.  I don’t just want to know that I’m supposed to go out into the world and make disciples, I want to know how and I want to show others how.  The 5 PoP’s which I first encountered while reading  Organic Church by Neil Cole , immediately engaged my disciple making drive with the real world in which I live.  I still attempt to carry out those five simple principles week to week and have found them to be fruitful.

So of course I wanted to include this strategy in some training materials I produced for a recent trip to Albania but I thought that the alliterated acrostics would not carry over to Albanian.  So I revised the strategy to be what I call “The 5 Harvest Needs.”  This video can also be found under the “Big Picture” tab…

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The Best Reason Not to Evangelize


It’s true

Originally posted on Life Teams Support:

Here it is: People are a mess.  It’s a temptation to stay within our small circle and not borrow trouble.  I actually knew a pastor who readily admitted that the messiness of broken people was the reason he did not evangelize.  But we’ve not been given that option.  Jesus left the only ideal environment to come to this cesspool of a world so he could rescue us.  We cannot credibly claim to follow him and avoid the brokenness that will always leave a scar upon our hearts.  As Neil Cole points out, the Lamb of God sends us out as sheep in the midst of wolves but as the Good Shepherd he promises to be with us.  We must follow his instruction to be wise as serpent and harmless as doves but at the end of the day, we will be hurt as he was.  But here is our reward:…

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The Fourth “O”


Tools only work if used.

Originally posted on Life Teams Support:

The “Three O’s” tool under the “SESSIONS” tab in the Life Teams app can push a Life Team from being just another small group to being a militarized cell in the war on sin. Through strategic prayer we assail Satan’s strongholds and open the way for gospel progress. Additionally, the process of considering the Three O’s, pushes members of the Life Team toward the mission by putting weekly tension on each member to watch for the hand of God, seek opportunities and take victory over obstacles.

There is, however, a fourth “O” to be considered – “Ockwardness.”  Okay, I misspelled it (I’ve seen it both ways ;) but however you spell it.  Asking a these questions every week can be difficult.  Especially in a “church-broke” culture, people expect to meet for a nice meal and a few “ah ha’s” then leave unchanged.  Asking the Three O’s can lead to pained…

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